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Bahrain security forces shoot teargas canisters at protesters

Again, Bahrain security forces weaponize tear gas canisters by shooting directly at protesters in Bilad Qadeem, the centre of demonstrations in Bahrain. On Saturday, several protesters were reported to have been targeted at the upper parts of their bodies, in an obvious intention to cause as many casualties as possible.

Many Bahrainis have either lost their lives or sustained severe wounds due to such practice by security forces. Perpetrators have not been pursued in most cases, in other times, the authorities would announce an investigation into the crime only to acquit or reduce the sentence of the perpetrator afterwards, indicating systematic violations and an entrenchment of immunity in the state.

Bilad Qadeem, hometown of detained opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman, witnessed large angry demonstrations on Saturday and Friday, calling for immediate release of Salman. The protesters marched holding pictures of Sheikh Ali Salman and the Bahraini national flag.

Protesters in other areas across Bahrain also take to streets on a nightly bases despite the heavy presence of security forces. Police personal carriers and armored vehicles stand on entrances of villages across Bahrain to contain demonstrations.

The showering of villages with toxic teargas has become a daily collective punishment for the Bahrainis. Security forces also attempt to run-over protesters in many cases.

The Bahraini Authority is ignoring calls to free Salman, putting the country in face of an unknown future.


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