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Bahrain court sentences cameraman to life in prison

A court in Bahrain has sentenced a cameraman to life imprisonment for his alleged involvement in a deadly bomb attack late last year.

On Tuesday, the court handed down the sentence to Ja’far Abdul Nabi after he was convicted of being behind the bombing in the village of Damestan on December 8, 2014, which killed an on-duty policeman, Arabic-language news website, Bahrain al-Youm, reported.

Bahraini regime forces detained Abdul Nabi at a barbershop and brutally beat him as they put handcuffs on him.

On February 20, a Bahraini appellate court upheld a six-month prison sentence handed to a high-ranking member of the country’s main opposition bloc.

The court dismissed an appeal by Sayyed Jamil Kadhem, who heads the Shura Council of the al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, confirming the sentence given to the dissident in mid-February.

Kadhem was sentenced to six months in prison on January 13, after a court accused him of tweeting a call on people to boycott parliamentary elections, which were held in the Bahrain in November last year.

Since the beginning of a popular uprising in Bahrain in 2011, thousands of protesters have been waging regular mass rallies in the US-backed Persian Gulf country.

The protesters are demanding the downfall of Al Khalifa family and the establishment of a democratically elected government.


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