52 Peaceful Protests and 34 Arbitral Arrests within the Second Week of May

Bahrain Human Rights Society said that it had recorded 34 arbitral arrests made at the hands of the security authorities in Bahrain within the second week of May 2015.

The society added in its weekly report regarding monitoring human rights abuses in Bahrain that it had recorded 23 house raids, 52 peaceful protests in different countries in Bahrain. The society highlighted that more than nine countries were subjected to mass repression, adding that the cracking down recorded more than 14 times through the use of “tear gas and shotguns during oppressing the protests.”

It continued, “A protestors was injured in Abu Saiba during a peaceful protest. Meanwhile, a number of suffocating cases were recorded due to firing toxic gases towards the citizens’ homes or near them”. In addition, five Bahraini countries organized “six solidarity pauses with the arrested demanding their release”


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