Al-Wefaq slams Bahrain regime’s ‘collective punishment’ in Sitra

Bahrain’s main opposition movement, al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, has condemned the ongoing crackdown on and “collective punishment” of Bahraini people on the island of Sitra in the northeastern part of the Persian Gulf country.

Al-Wefaq said in a statement published on its website on Tuesday, “What is happening in Sitra Island… is an organized collective punishment.”

“The collective punishment in Sitra must be stopped immediately,” the Bahraini movement said.

Al-Wefaq said Bahraini regime forces have taken excessive oppressive measures against the Bahrainis on the island, south of the Bahraini capital, Manama, and are “carrying out house raids and arrests and placing security barriers around the island.”

Bahrain’s main opposition group also expressed concern about the crackdown on the residents in Sitra, saying the Al Khalifa regime is depriving the citizens of their basic rights.

“The situation raises concern as it represents a violation to the basic and fundamental humanitarian rights of the citizens,” the statement said.
The Bahraini opposition bloc said the citizens in Sitra “are being subjected to unjustified various forms of violations of rights,” expressing solidarity with them.

Bahraini regime forces are reportedly carrying out a house-to-house search following the deaths of two policemen in a bombing on the tiny island. Authorities have arrested a number of people and placed the country under a security lockdown.

The Bahraini Interior Ministry said on Tuesday that the two police officers, who were on board a vehicle which was transporting 25 security forces, were killed and a number of others wounded in the blast in Sitra.

According to witnesses, police forces blocked roads leading into the island following the blast, with the ministry describing the incident as a “terror attack.”


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