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Bahraini scholar warns Al Khalifa against harassing revolutionaries

The Friday prayers’ leader of the Bahraini town of Diraz, Hujjat al-Islam Muhammad Sanqour, stressed that the demands of the people of Bahrain are fair and legitimate and said Bahrainis demand justice which in addition to Islam, is confirmed by all the rational people of the world of various orientations and backgrounds.

He stated that it is necessary to use peaceful tools and methods in order to realize the peoples’ demands and said: “Violence is contrary to the religious values of the people of Bahrain and the people will not abandon what they consider as their values, including faith, even if conditions are very difficult even for a moment.”

The Bahraini Shi’ite scholar stated that the people are against the use of violence and seek the use of peaceful methods to attain their popular demands.

He added that leading scholars such as Shaykh Isa Qassim, Sayyid Abdullah al-Ghurayfi and Shaykh Ali Salman have all emphasized the need to adopt peaceful methods in order to achieve the peoples’ popular demands.

He noted that violence only begets more violence and besides further aggravating and escalating the crisis, it makes achieving an appropriate solution to the problems more difficult.

Hujjat al-Islam Sanqour warned the believers of the serious consequences resulting from the use of violence to resolve political issues, saying they are detrimental to the interests of the homeland and its people.

He added that violence and sectarian conflict are not in the interest of the country and for the people of Bahrain because it gives the regime a ready-made excuse for the security forces to strengthen their already suffocating grip on the people.

He said that in the wake of the July 28 deadly bombing on Sitra Island, the regime and many of those against the Bahraini peoples’ revolution have called the revolutionaries traitors. He condemned the bombing and added there is no justification for abuse and harassment by the Al Khalifa regime against the people and the hurling of unsubstantiated and unproven accusations about the perpetrators of this tragic event.


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