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Bahrain Human Rights: 47 arrests within one week

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights said that it had monitored 47 arbitrary arrests over the past week (July 27-August 2, 2015) carried out by security forces without showing any arrest warrants. Among the arrested were two children, one from Samaheej and the other form Al-Markh village.

BCHR pointed out that 28 of these arrests took place in the island of Sitra after the Bahraini Ministry of Interior announced that a bomb was detonated there and the rest of the detainees were arrested from various villages across Bahrain. Most of the arrest cases took place through house raids.

It; however, revealed that 8 out of the 47 people arrested were released later on.

The Bahrain Human Rights Society (BHRS) said that it monitored 42 arrests within the final week of last July, including “two children who were released later on.” Meanwhile, the number of peaceful protests staged in various villages across Bahrain reached 60.

The society added in its statement that there were more than 36 house raids. It also documented that more than 3 villages were subjected to mass crackdowns, as security forces launched “more than 4 crackdowns, using tear gas and shotguns to quell protests.”

According to its statement, BHRS concluded that it managed to monitor 34 rallies held in solidarity with detainees in Bahrain’s Sanabis, Malkiya, Salmabad, Al-Markh, Bilad Al-Qadeem, Al-Maameer, Noaim, Sitra, Al-Ekr, Eskan A’ali, Shahrakan, Al-Diraz, Adhari, Al-Maqsha, Buri, Arad, Hamad Town, Maqaba, Al-Musalla, Nabih Saleh, Samaheej, Al-Dair, Bani Jamra and Jihdafs. These rallies included sit-ins, visits and events.


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