Shiite Cleric: Release of Sheikh Ali Salman & Political Prisoners Will Create Basis to Finding Solutions to Bahrain Crisis

Prominent Shiite cleric Sheikh Mohammed Sanqour said that the shortest and less costly way to address Bahrain’s problem is by “activating national slogans that everybody accepts and taking the human rights and political reform route,” demanding the release of political prisoners, mainly Sheikh Ali Salman, in order to “revive optimism in the country”.

During his Friday sermon delivered at the Imam Sadiq Mosque on September 18, 2015, Sheikh Sanqour said: “There is a common rhetoric among government parties, pro-government authors, as well as popular political societies and figures working in the field of human rights and political affairs, for they all believe in protecting political and human rights; they believe in the people’s right to freedom, social justice, equality, education, good livelihood, freedom of expression by peaceful means, be part of the decision-making process, work in any government institution, etc.”

“All these parties talk about the importance of coexistence between citizens, maintaining national cohesion, stability, and taking the political and human rights route. They all talk about rejecting sectarianism, extremism, corruption, marginalization and provoking discourse. So where is the problem? Why haven’t we reached a solution to the crisis yet?,” he stressed.

“The problem is that there is no serious intention to activate these slogans. If these parties worked hard to implement them, we would have been fine,” Sheikh Sanqour further stated.

“The shortest and less costly way to address Bahrain’s crisis is to lauch a dialogue,” he highlighted, calling for “the release of all prisoners of conscience, mainly Sheikh Ali Salman”. He considered that this release would revive optimism in the country. Sheikh Sanqour then concluded his sermon by saying: “Let Sheikh Ali Salman’s appeal be a chance to drop all the charges brought against him, so it would be a positive message to establish a basis for putting an end to the crisis.”


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