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Bahrain security forces attacked Shiite religious places

Religious places in the areas of Demistan and Alhamala, in Bahrain, were attacked by gunmen on Friday 16th Oct. The attack comes as Shia Muslims mourn the martyrdom of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Imam Hussain.

Al Wefaq stresses that such incidents indicate the existence of armed terror forces who are mocking the country. This is a serious issue that needs to be handled with transparency by the security apparatuses so that citizens feel safe, especially that this incident coincided with the gun attack in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia and which killed 5 Saudi citizens and left other with wounds.

These terror attacks make necessary a legitimate national stance to protect all Bahrainis and religious and holy places, that are visited by hundreds of thousands, from terror acts.

Irresponsible media, sectarian sermons and statements made by some official figures and those close the government, the absence of accountability and the chaotic use of arms and authority all brought the situation to this level.

Al Wefaq recalls the popular legitimate demand: security for all, and presses for the adoption of this demand as a national project that takes Bahrain to a stable and secure situation.


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