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Bahrain al-Khalifa forces take down Ashura flags in Al-Malikiya & Karzakan spark clashes

Activists stated via social media outlets that the Bahraini Interior Ministry’s security forces took down Ashura flags and banners in the villages of Al-Malikiya and Karzakan, which caused outrage among residents who took to the streets to protest the authorities’ suppression on Tuesday (October 20, 2015).

Security forces confronted the crowds of protesters with violence and excessive force, as they fired tear gas and shotgun pellets at demonstrators, leaving injuries.

It was also documented that security forces took down Ashura flags and banners in the area of Sadad.

Since 2011, the crackdown on Shiite religious rituals intensified, as the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, which was appointed by the King, documented the demolition of 38 Shiite mosques and other violations committed by the authorities against the Shiite majority, which says that is suffering from discrimination.


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