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Al-Khalifa stripped the citizenships of 199 Bahraini nationals

On Sunday, Bahraini courts ruled life sentences and for the revocation of nationality in the cases of 12 Bahraini nationals with a case of political background. The Bahraini regime continues to revoke citizenships as a punitive measure against dissidents.

Last week, two Bahrainis were stripped of their citizenships, following a revocation of 5 citizenships two weeks ago from today. The total number of Bahrainis who have had their citizenships revoked for political reasons has now raised to 199, indicating a feverish desire for such reprisal.

Bahrain is going against Article 15 of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights. Political activists, academics, human rights defenders and clerics including Ayatollah Sheikh Hussain Alnajati were subjected to this repressive policy of sectarian persecution.


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