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Sheikh Ali Salman from Prison: Death Penalties Resemble Unlawful Killings

The leader of the main Bahraini opposition group and secretary-general of Al-Wefaq society, Sheikh Ali Salman, expressed his opposition to the death penalties issued by Bahraini courts, following the Court of Cassation’s decision to uphold death penalties issued against Mohammad Ramadan and Hussein Mousa, both accused of killing a policeman in Al-Dair village.

“Amid the current circumstances, they are more like unlawful killings,” said Sheikh Salman, stressing on his utter opposition to these sentences, “because they are based on false grounds. Sane people don’t make decisions based on false grounds,” he explained.

“All the violations documented by Bassiouni, international organizations and the UN high commissioner for human rights result from the lack of democracy in Bahrain,” posted his official Twitter account.

The opposition leader also hoped that the Paris climate conference “will reduce climate temperatures as well as the heat of worldwide political crises.”


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