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Public Prosecution Refers 24 Suspects Including Sheikh Hassan Isa to Court over Sitra Bombing Case

The Terror Crime Prosecution’s Attorney-General Ahmad Al-Hammadi said that “the public prosecution concluded the investigations into the case of the terrorist cell that committed a police bus bombing in Sitra that left two policemen dead and six others injured.”

“24 suspects were referred to court over charges of forming and managing a terrorist group in violation of the law, joining the group and funding it as well as murder and attempted murder of police officers, detonating a bomb, possessing explosives, receiving training on the use of arms and explosives for terrorist purposes (…) The trial date was scheduled on January 12, 2016 before the Fourth High Criminal Court,” he added.

Al-Hammadi further stated that “the public prosecution received a report on July 28, 2015 from the capital governorate police directorate stating that a bombing took place in the Sitra region leaving two policemen killed and six others injured. After investigations were conducted by the criminal forensics administration, it identified the suspects involved in the incident, who formed a terrorist organization and recruited a number of other suspects based on instructions from suspects located in Iran for the purpose of committing terrorist acts and targeting police officers. A number of the suspects, including a political society member (Sheikh Hassan Isa), were assigned to fund this terrorist group so it could launch its operations.”


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