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Al-Wefaq General Secretariat: 2016 Begins amid Ongoing Political Crisis, Absence of Leaders & Shaky Local Scene

The General Secretariat of Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said that it witnessed “the process of passing a decree-law of Treasury bonds by raising the ceiling of borrowing to 10 billion Bahraini dinars”, not surprised by the way it was passed “since both councils lack authority and have marginal roles”, insisting that the economic crisis requires “an inclusive national approach’.

The General Secretariat said in a statement after its regular weekly meeting on (December 22, 2015) that Bahrain will begin the new year amid a continued political crisis, an absence of opposition leaders and a shaky local scene, which confirms the urgent need for finding a national plan based on the principle that the people are the source of authority.

“Tthe authorities continue to ban the right of peaceful protest and continue to abuse the law,” it added.

Al-Wefaq criticized the continued detention of opposition figure Sheikh Hassan Issa who faces “irrational charges” and considered that targeting him is part of a campaign targeting opposition leaders and activists.

The Al-Wefaq Secretariat demanded once again the “release of the opposition’s representative in the national dialogue Majeed Milad,” stressing that targeting him with other opposition leaders such as prominent activist Ibrahim Sharif is clear evidence that the authorities refuse to have dialogue with the opposition and even punish them instead”.

Concerning the continued sentences against activists and dissent, Al-Wefaq said that this reveals the seriousness of the political situation and shows that the government is “far from finding a serious solution to the political crisis”.


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