Al Khalifa Regime Troops Shoot, Injure Demonstrators in Manama

A number of Bahraini demonstrators were injured late Thursday when the regime troops used internationally prohibited weaponry to disperse them in Abu Sbei and Shakhora neighborhoods in Manama.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry denounced the Bahraini regime’s measures, calling on Manama to resume a serious dialogue with known leaders of the popular currents, to focus on constructive and genuine political methods, and to fundamentally solve the crisis rather than insist on its inefficient security approach of the past four years which yielded no result but complicating the situation.

Bahrain has been witnessing a popular uprising against the Al Khalifa regime since February 14, 2011. Bahrainis are demanding freedom, establishment of justice and removal of discrimination and undemocratic ruling system.

Bahrainis’ demands have been met with a harsh crackdown in cooperation with certain Arab states such as Saudi Arabia.

To suppress public protests, the regime has detained a large number of outspoken leaders and sentenced them to long terms in prison.


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