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Bahrain: About 15 Youths Arrested in House Raid Campaign in Bani Jamra

The Bahraini village of Bani Jamra was targeted with a campaign of house raids and break-ins since last night at the hands of Interior Ministry forces.

Masked men accompanied by security forces arrested about 15 youths during the raids, which targeted a number of homes.

Some of the apprehended young men were: Nader Abdulkarim Fateel, Ahmad Abdulkarim Fateel, Hussain Hamza Hussain, Hussain Faisal Hussain, Mortada Abdulnabi, Hussain Kadhem Abdulridha, Qasim Abdulhassan Fateel, Mahmoud Abdulhassan Fateel, Ali Hassan Ali Habib, Ali Abdulhadi Al-Arab, Fadhel Abbas Kayed.


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