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Bahraini Opposition: Hezbollah Bearing Brunt of His Honorable Stances

Bahraini opposition abroad denounced the Gulf and Arab decisions to blacklist Hezbollah as a “terrorist organization”, stressing that some Arab states are punishing the resistance group for his honorable stances.

In a statement released on Thursday, Bahraini opposition affirmed that the decisions are “political ones by regimes which practice terrorism against its own people.”

“These regimes fund and export to other countries in the region and world, while keeping silent and making up with the Israeli enemy.”

“These odious decisions are aimed at silencing Hezbollah’s voice over his stand beside the oppressed people in the region,” the Bahraini opposition said, noting that Hezbollah “today is bearing brunt for his moral stance in condemning the aggression against our brothers in Yemen.”

“And because we are victims of the same terrorism practiced by these dictator regimes, we stand by Hezbollah who has always voiced solidarity with Bahrainis in a time the whole world has turned his back on their rightful demands.”


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