Sheikh Al-Shihabi’s Trial Adjourned until September 21 While he Remains in Detention

The Minor Criminal Court presided over by Judge Ibrahim Al-Jifin and Hussein Hammad as secretariat, adjourned on Wednesday (September 7, 2016), the trial of prominent Shiite cleric and head of the Imam Baqir Hawza, Sheikh Mohammad Jawad Al-Shihabi.

The court adjourned the case until September 21, rejecting defense’s request to release him on any bail or guarantee deems appropriate by the court.

Al-Shihabi, along with a number of Shiite clerics, is tried over the charge of assembly in Diraz based on participation in the open sit-in protest in front of Sheikh Isa Qassim’s house since June 20, after the authorities revoked his citizenship.

Al-Shehabi was arrested at a checkpoint in Diraz on Thursday (August 4, 2016) and the Public Prosecution ordered his imprisonment for 15 days pending investigation after accusing him of assembly.


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