Al Khalifa Seeking to Strengthen Military Role in Bahrain: Cleric

The Al Khalifa regime is seeking to crack down on the Bahraini movement and put an end to it,” Sheikh Abdullah al-Daqqaq said in an interview on the occasion of the anniversary of Bahrain’s February 14 Revolution.

“Therefore, this regime has created (new) military institutions…,” the cleric said, adding that the regime wants to change the Bahraini constitution and strengthen the role of the military.

However, such measures by the regime would only intensify the revolutionary fervor of the nation, Daqqaq said.

The remarks came as Bahraini security forces attacked peaceful protests held across the Persian Gulf country on Tuesday on the anniversary of the popular uprising in the kingdom.

During the nationwide demonstrations, the Al Khalifa regime’s security forces fired tear gas to disperse and suppress the people participating in the rallies held to mark the sixth anniversary of the February 14 Revolution.

The uprising in Bahrain began on February 14, 2011. Protesters initially called for political reforms and a constitutional monarchy. However, the demand later changed to an outright call for the ouster of the Al Khalifa family following its brutal crackdown on popular protests.

Scores of people have been killed in the crackdown and security forces have arrested hundreds including doctors and nurses. Dozens of demonstrators have also been sentenced to jail terms for attending street protests.

International human rights organizations have repeatedly criticized the Manama regime for its excessive use of force against peaceful protesters.

Troops from Saudi Arabia have been also deployed to Bahrain to assist in its crackdown on the peaceful protesters.


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