Families of slain Bahrainis slam burial of loved ones without consent

The families of five Bahraini activists recently killed by the country’s security forces have slammed as a “crime” the burial of their loved ones without being allowed to bid farewell to them.

The families on Saturday called on the Al Khalifah regime to return the bodies of the activists killed during a security attack last week, but authorities buried them without any permission.

A Bahraini Interior Ministry official said the five were buried on Friday after having contacted the families to attend funeral services, only to change their minds later.

The bereaved families said in a statement on Sunday that they had received a call on Friday to send two male members to a local police station.

However, they refused to go because they knew that the summoning of male relatives meant a burial ceremony was planned. They called for the returning of the bodies instead for proper funeral services.

“The martyrs’ families announce that depriving them of burying their sons in accordance with their wish can be construed as a crime which will be added to the first crime of liquidating them in the field,” the families said.


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