Bahrain court gives death, jail sentences to dozen dissidents

On Tuesday, Bahrain’s Fourth High Criminal Court, presided by Ali Khalifah al-Dhahrani, delivered the death verdicts to Sayed Ahmed Fouad al-Abar and Hussein Ali Mahdi, sentenced two other defendants to life imprisonment and passed prison sentences ranging from 3 to 10 years to eight others, Arabic-language Bahrain Mirror news website reported.

The court also revoked the nationality of nine of the convicts, and ordered them to pay 28,716 dinars ($76,106) altogether over damages inflicted on two police patrol cars during an anti-regime protest in the northern village of Karbabad back in April 2016.

A Bahraini police officer purportedly lost his life and two others sustained injuries in the rally.

On April 29, 2016, the Bahraini Interior Ministry announced that it had arrested 11 people, including 4 children, and charged them with the incident.

The ministry then published the names and photographs of the suspects before referring the case to the Public Prosecution.

The pictures showed tiredness and fatigue on the faces of the defendants, which proved they had been subjected to torture at the Criminal Investigation Building.

Human rights activists maintain that detainees are often transferred on political grounds to the notorious building, where confessions are extracted from them under duress.

Amnesty International has confirmed the accounts of torture and ill-treatment at the Criminal Investigation Building.


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