Al Wefaq describes espionage charges against Sheikh Salman as inconsequential

Bahrain’s opposition Al Wefaq National Islamic Society has described Manama’s decision to try its leader on espionage charges, as inconsequential.

On Sunday, Bahrain’s Public Prosecution announced that the already jailed Al Wefaq Secretary General, Sheikh Ali Salman, would be returned to court on November 27 after being accused of “spying for the state of Qatar”.

“Accusing Sheikh Ali Salman of spying is trivial and makes us more determined to call for a democratic transformation and the building of a state of law,” Al Wefaq said in a statement on Monday.

According to the opposition movement, the latest allegations against Sheikh Salman reflect the extent of the crisis that Manama faces both at home and abroad.

Al Wefaq warned Manama against importing and utilizing regional crises against the opposition, adding that such measures would not force the group to abandon its goal of seeking political stability in the country.

Bahrain joined Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in sanctioning Qatar in June over Doha’s alleged support for “terrorism”. Since then, Manama has made unsubstantiated claims about Doha fueling Bahrain’s 2011 popular uprising.

Al Wefaq dismissed the regime’s narrative as “malicious and made-up”.


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