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Bahrainis rally against regime and US meddling in Manama’s affairs

bahrain t700Bahraini people have taken to the streets in several towns to stage anti-government rallies and express their anger at US for meddling with their country’s internal affairs, Press TV reports. On Friday, protesters once again called for the Al Khalifah ruling family to relinquish power. They also demanded that all the political prisoners be released.

Bahrain hosts the US Fifth Fleet, and is among the Persian Gulf countries such as Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates that receive military equipment from the United States.

For more than a year now, rallies have been taking place across the kingdom on a daily basis.

It seems the demonstrators have no intention of backing down despite the regime’s ongoing crackdown.

Scores of protesters have been killed since the revolution began. Saudi troops have been lending the Manama regime a hand in suppressing the uprising.


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