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Ahlul Bayt World Assembly condemns threats against Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim

majma jahaniIn the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

“Do not suppose that Allah is oblivious to what the wrongdoers are doing”. 

(Ibrahim, 42)

About two years have been passed of massacre, destruction, beating, injuring and imprisoning the oppressed and defend less people of Bahrain by executioners and oppressors of Al Khalifeh; the disdainful genocides in support of Al Se’ud, deadly silence of governments and international circles, and unique resistance and praiseworthy of Bahraini people. But unfortunately, we have recently witnessed that the ruling government of Bahrain has taken two illegal unlawful and non-Shari measures while continuing their shameful mass killing.

First, setting out a new wave of threatening Bahraini religious scholars, elites, doctors, teachers and Ayatullah Shaykh Isa Qasim in particular.

Second, cancelling the citizenship of many of fee citizens of the state is unacceptable and unjustifiable international norms.

As an international organization enjoying thinking and cultural authority among millions of Muslims in the world, the Ahl al-Bayt (‘a) World Assembly in response to these two dangerous measures draw the attention of the people all over the world to the following:

1. As it mentioned frequently, from the very beginning of Keramat revolution in this Gulf state (Feb. 14, 2011), the Bahraini religious scholars have kind and calm role and along with announcing the rightful demands, they have call on youth to hold their protests peacefully. Meanwhile, the effect of Ayatullah Shaykh Isa Qasim’s leadership in non-violence of people’s revolution is undeniable. But instead of appreciating Shaykh Isa Qasim and meet the people’s demands, the government of Al Khalifeh has always threatened the people and even the religious scholars.

2. Ayatullah Shaykh Isa Qasim is an august religious authority, spiritual and divine figure and enjoy divine ethics. He is not only honored by Shi’ah and Sunni people in Bahrain, but also he is honored and trusted beyond the borders of this state; he is considered one of the Muslim thinkers and religious scholars. Therefore, while serious warning to Bahraini and Saudi governments, we hold the responsibility of any insult to this august scholar on the Emir, prime minister, the ruling government and Saudi Arabia.

3. Cancelling the citizenship of Bahraini citizens by Al Khalifeh is an surprising measure, against divine laws and international conventions. Statesmen of every country are not the owners of people to deny their citizenship and expel them. Therefore, this measure by giving citizenship to hundreds of foreigners is an open hostility towards Bahraini nation and ignoring their citizenship.

4. Despite international conventions, government is in fact considered their own father. Does a father expel his children from his home? Can Al Khalifeh who had ruled this Gulf state forcibly, expel the Bahrainis from their own land?

5. Why countries, international organizations claimer of freedom and human rights, Security Council of UN, organizations supporting prisoners and all such institutions in the world have silenced before oppression, law breaking and despotism of middle ages rulers of Bahrain? Is not now the responsibility of people in the world to prevent Bahraini government from continuing such unwise measures and stand beside the oppressed nation?

6. As it has frequently announced, the Ahl al-Bayt (‘a) World Assembly supports peace, friendship, justice and peaceful co-existence of people in the world from every type, color, race, religion and sect. Accordingly, the Assembly once more calls on the ruling household of Bahrain to be just, fair and meet the rightful demands of this people.

Also, the assembly strongly supports Ayatullah Isa Qasim, personalities imprisoned, scholars, doctors, teachers and all Bahraini people, the expelled workers and individuals their citizenship cancelled in particular.

In the end, the Ahl al-Bayt (‘a) World Assembly asks all free people and Muslims in the world, the scholars and personalities following the Ahl al-Bayt (‘a) to take their stance, hold ceremonies, support the Bahraini citizens normal rights, announce their hatred towards Bahraini scholars and do their historical duties against illegal measures in this country.


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