Bahrain Crackdown Continues, 1 Critically Injured

bahrain forceBahrain regime forces attacked Wednesday the village of Bani Jamra, west of the Capital Manama within its ongoing terror acts.
The attack caused Aqeel Abdul Mohsen Habib, 20, severe injury in the hand and face which was torn by bullets. He is now in critical condition.
The Saudi-backed forces usually use tear gas, buck shot and stun grenades to disperse demonstrators.
Meanwhile, al-Wefaq opposition group revealed that forces have also arrested three women at the site of the injury, Lubaba Jaffar Ahmed, Salma Jaffar Ahmed and Fatima Hasan Hussain.
Outraged protests in many different areas took to streets and were suppressed by the regime forces.
“The blockade will not make us afraid” and “Down with Hamad,” shouted the protesters while waving the Bahraini flag and photos of prisoners.
According to al-Wefaq, “The security situation is still hectic as the presence of armed civilian militias is terrifying people in populated areas. All this is happening in the presence of the Higher Commission for Human Rights to monitor the human rights situations in the Kingdom.”


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