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UK urged to stop supporting Al Khalifa

uk aly khalifaBahraini activists living in Britain have called for the UK government to stop supporting despotic Al Khalifa regime.

At a public meeting held by the British Parliamentary Human Rights Group in one of the buildings of the UK parliament on December 17, a group of experts and civil society activists urged the Western governments, especially Britain to end their discriminatory policies against the people of Bahrain and put their double standards aside.
Attendants of the seminar titled “Bahrain: agonized people cry for help”, also condemned the crimes committed by the ruling regime of the tiny Persian Gulf against peaceful protesters demanding for the establishment of a democratically-elected government.
Lord Avebury, Liberal Democrat member of the British House of Lords and vice-chairman of Parliamentary Human Rights Group, said that while opposition leaders, doctors, human rights activists and union leaders are in jail, there is no possibility of dialogue and reconciliation.
The UK government faces censure for supplying the Manama regime with weaponry to crush peaceful anti-regime protests in Bahrain.
Earlier this month, Saeed al Shehabi, from the London-based Bahrain Freedom Movement, described Britain as “one of the most supportive” of the Bahraini dictatorship, adding, “They [British officials] have sent their security experts to Bahrain, John Yates, Daniel Bethlehem and Sir Jeffery Jowell; they are all in control of the police and security services. They have not really condemned any crime committed by the regime.”
Bahrain has been gripped by anti-regime demonstrations since February 2011. The Manama regime has been crushing the protests using harsh security tactics that have so far killed dozens of people and injured many more.


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