3 Years Jail for A Bahraini Martyr!

bahrain 1A court in Bahrain has handed down a three-year prison sentence to an anti-regime martyr protester, who died in detention last year. 

Mohammed Mushaima was martyred in police custody in October 2012 while he was serving a seven- year sentence for participating in anti-regime demonstrations.
Following his death, lawyers said that Mushaima suffered from severe sickle-cell anemia and died in custody from inadequate health care.
The Bahraini Center for Human Rights also announced that Mushaima was one of many prisoners of conscience in Bahrain in need of immediate medical care who have been denied treatment.

For its part, al-Wefaq opposition group set thae Bahraini move in the context of” official recklessness by system people’s lives and underestimate of their fate.”
“Killing of citizens in detention centers and as a result of violence form an official routine behavior and methodology of regime forces,” it viewed.
In parallel, it mentioned that “mock trials is one of the tools used by the authority to punish and hit the opposition.”


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