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1 martyred, 26 arrested, 60 areas under brutal official suppression

bahrain esmaeeliMore than 60 areas across Bahrain were subjected to the official brutal suppression on the second anniversary of the Pearl revolution on 14th February, 2013. The protesting areas had been suppressed with different armaments as the regime force imposed a tight security siege on them subjecting citizens to brutal repression and imposing more restrictions on their rights.

Protests continued late that night and the regime forces continued their suppression. Live ammunition was reported to have been used by the regime forces in A’ali and Diraz residential areas.

The regime forces are reported to have used fire arms, live ammunition, shotguns and lethal toxic gasses in the suppression and official terror against citizens.

The 16 years old martyr Hussain Al-Jazeeri, was a victim of the official violence on 14 February, after two years of ongoing abuses and killings, the teen was shot at close range in a neighborhood in Daih in a peaceful protest at the time.

The regime forces were also reported to have arbitrarily arrested more than 26 citizens from street protests as a punishment for their pro-democracy stances and opinions.

The protests took to streets in more than 40 villages and residential areas across the country.

The regime forces heavily deployed across Bahrain, roads and areas were heavily militarized since the early morning of 14 February getting ready to exercise all kinds of suppression against peaceful pro-democracy citizens, to confiscate their right to protest and to peacefully express their opinion. Armored vehicles were used to suppress citizens and militarize the areas.

Despite the repression however, most of the areas across Bahrain took to streets peacefully raising the national flag demanding for an end to dictatorship, an end to the official tyranny and monopoly of power and democratic transition.

As a result of the official brutal suppression, many citizens were reported to have been injured by the regime forces. The documented injuries on that day indicated that the forces were deliberately targeting peaceful protesters with excessive use of force with no justification. Moreover, asphyxiation cases occurred due to the excessive use of lethal toxic gasses against the citizens.

The regime’s suppression targeted religious places as well, as the Matam of Ansar Al-Haq in Abu Saiebe’e village was attacked as part of the systematic targeting of the places of worship carried out by the regime for the last 2 years.

Among the documented injuries was a citizen who sustained injuries to the stomach and chest, while another sustained injury to the eye. Many injuries were documented among the protesters due the excessive use of shotgun against the peaceful pro-democracy protesters. In addition, many have been injured with a direct shot of tear gas canisters which were weaponized against protesters to severely harm them targeting the upper part of their bodies.


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