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Martyr’s body kept hostage for the seventh day

mehmood al jazeeriBahraini authorities are keeping the body of the martyr Mahmood Al-Jazeeri, who was killed brutally by regime forces as hostage from last Friday for the seventh consecutive day now. The martyr Mahood Al-Jazeeri (20 years), was killed by the regime forces who shot him to the head during a protest to mark the second anniversary of the pro-democracy revolution in Bahrain. His body was then taken hostage by the authorities who still refuse to hand it to his family for funeral and burial under false, immoral, inhuman and illegal justifications that lack respect for the feelings of the martyr’s family and the Bahraini people. The murder was fully documented on camera and gives no chance for denial. The official detention of the body comes as an example of what the people of Bahrain are suffering from authoritarianism and tyranny. This confirms the legitimacy of the demands of the people of Bahrain for freedom and democracy and ending to the suffering caused by the regime by expropriating human rights and humiliating the people by using power and national resources and wealth against the people.


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