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Bahrain forces hand over body of martyr al-Jaziri to his family after 12 days

mehmood al jazeeriAccording to Bahraini forces, minutes ago, regime forces return the body of Bahraini martyr, Mahmoud al-Jaziri to his family. The martyr’s body is now in mortuary and after that his funeral prayer will be performed in Nabih al Saleh region. The regime in Bahrain has detained the body of the martyr, Mahmood Al-Jazeri, for twelve days after its forces had brutally killed him. Very inhumanely, the regime refused to submit the body to his family for funeral and buria till today. The security systems were promoting unconvincing justifications for keeping the body of the martyr who was shot directly to the head from close range by the regime forces while he was participating in a protest demanding democratic transition and marking the second anniversary of the Bahraini revolution on 14 February. Mahmood died one week after he sustained the serious head injury of a direct tear canister shot which the regime forces obviously used as live-ammunition to kill. Having kept the body for the twelve day, reveals the true face of the regime and the oppressive, humiliating way the regime is dealing with the citizens having no respect to all value for Bahraini blood. Such way of oppression reveals also the sufferings of the people of Bahrain who have been under repression for decades, which makes them insist on their demand to end such oppression and realize an immediate democratic transition. The regime has previously kept the body of the citizen journalist Ahmed Ismail for more than 12 days, and the body of the martyr Yousif Mowali for more than 11 days and is now the same behavior with the martyr Mahmoud Al-Jazeeri in an attempt to cover up for the criminals and to disrespect the feeling of the victim’s relatives.


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