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Al-Wefaq SG Sheikh Ali Salman: Opposition has more than 9th March

al wefaqThe Secretary General of Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, Sheikh Ali Salman, said in a political symposium in Al-Wefaq, “The 9th March protest was just an example and the opposition has more”. The symposium was held to mark the 9th March when a deluge of people took to streets in the largest protest in Bahrain’s history and was titled, “9th March.. The Referendum”. Salman said, “Someone might ask does the opposition have something more than the 9th March protest? Yes. We do have more in different dimensions, ways and places,” he added,” believe me, 9th March was just a model and the opposition has much more.” Salman stressed,” 9 March will be there in every turning point and when needed for our people to announce their opinion, 9 March will be there to erase any meaningless dialogue, or any unilateral amendments or procedures taken by the regime, 9 March will be there to erase any repressive measures”. Many political and human rights figures, activists, martyrs’ parents, journalists, medics, ex-MPs and municipal members from inside and outside Bahrain participated in the symposium. Salman added “the mass rally was titled “At your service Bahrain” representing the steadfastness of the people of Bahrain who defeated the security approach that has been used for years against the people, it also emptied the oppressive measures from any political impact. The 9 march protest reached out to with open hands and hearts to all Bahrainis.” He said, it was peaceful and showed the people’s persistence to the demands of the peaceful movement since 14th February until 9th March. 9th March made clear that the Bahraini masses are a big number in the Bahraini political formula, he added. “Understanding something is different from eye witnessing, the diplomatic community has witnessed that there is a political majority demanding democratic change. That political majority has become part of the political formula and started to draw the image of Bahrain for different diplomatic communities”.


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