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A campaign launched to mark the criminal act of mosques demolishing ” strives to ruin them”

wo-mosk-2The National Democratic opposition parties in Bahrain have announced that a mass rally will take place from Duraz areas to Sar Today Friday 5th April ,2013 to mark the second anniversary of mosques demolishing titled ” no to religious freedoms restrictions “

The campaign “strives to ruin them” has been launched to protest against ” the wars on religious freedoms” during the period 5-11 April ,2013 and also to mark the second anniversary when the regime destroyed 38 mosques in Bahrain.
The campaign “the week of the demolished mosques” will include various popular events to defend the holy places that have been demolished and attacked by the regime.
The program have been organized as the religious freedoms in Bahrain are being continuously attacked by the regime in Bahrain. The authorities in Bahrain still refuses to rebuild the demolished mosques, instead they continue to destroy and vandalize the religious places as well as their facilities.
The regime refuses to admit to its organized crime that resulted in destroying 38 mosques, some of them were built in the early ages of Islam, a criminal act that crossed all the humanitarian morals and ethics.


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