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Regime forces repress protests across Bahrain

pb-110214-bahrain-protest-eg-01.photoblog900Across Bahrain, people protested in their villages in “The critical moment” demonstration calling for democratic transition. The regime forces used force and excessive violence against the protesters as well as the residents in the areas of protests. Homes were targeted by the forces as a collective punishment for the citizens’ persistence to their right to freedom of expression.

Protesters were chased in alleys, a number of whom were arrested while others were injured. Homes in different areas were also raided by the forces.

Armored vehicles stood at entrances of residential areas and main streets on alert for possible peaceful protests.

Security checkpoints were set in different districts causing suffocating traffic jams.

The forces widely deployed inside residential areas in attempt to prevent protests. In some areas, armored vehicles entered the villages to terrify the citizens.

The peaceful protests were faced with the disproportionate use of toxic teargas by the regime forces. Private homes and properties, as well as shops were targeted in the official repression.

However, despite the repression to prevent citizens their right to freedom of expression and opinion, Bahrain witnessed wide protests in different areas. The protests called for democratic transition and the peaceful transfer of power in place of the current dictatorship and monopolistic control on national wealth and power.
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