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Exclusion policy controls the distribution of scholarships in Bahrain

Exclusion policy controls the distribution of scholarships in BahrainAl Wefaq National Islamic Society demanded an end to the Education Ministry’s secrecy over the distribution of scholarships. Al Wefaq said the Education Ministry irresponsibly distributes scholarships based on non-national sectarian and discriminative standards.

The Government has turned scholarships into a tool of political persecution and retaliation against a certain citizens from a certain faction. Transparency and fair distribution based on students’ grades are absent in the ministry’s distribution process, Al Wefaq added.

Al Wefaq pointed out that the Education Ministry is implementing a Government policy by hiding basic information such as the names and grades of students entitled to scholarships. This policy is produced by the Government’s retaliation and exclusion to citizens of certain faction. It is the same motive behind the suspension of university and school students who are denied their right to education. The same policy is responsible for the denial to recruitment of thousands of alumni.

Al Wefaq rejects the Education Ministry’s short and politicized and nontransparent interviews with students that weigh 40% whilst 3-years of education weigh only 60%. Such unfair mechanisms require an independent commission responsible for supervision over the distribution of scholarships.

Al Wefaq also pointed out that retaliation in scholarships distribution was mentioned in the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry report, and this encourages Al Wefaq to form a committee to follow up on student complaints.

Governmental parties, other than the Education Ministry, are using public funds to distribute scholarships on sectarian bases, while high-grade students are deprived their right to study in the majors that suit their qualifications.

Considering the current situation, Al Wefaq stresses that the Education Ministry is not capable of manage a huge national issue of the like. Such issues are used to invest in qualifications and build and develop countries through sciences. However, the Government of Bahrain has failed to overcome its hostility towards its people.

This illustrates the crucial need to fulfill the Bahraini people’s demand of an elected Government that respects equality and citizenship.

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