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Khalil Marzouq warns forcing people would only continue to resist

khalilBahrain al-Wefaq Political Assistant to the Secretary General, Khalil Marzouq has warned that should the regime persist in imposing its political, social and religious vision onto the country by force the people would only continue to resist.

Referring to raids against religious establishments Marzouq stressed that attacking people in their pride and faith would only make matters worse as radicalization would ultimately ensue.

Khalil Marzouq declared that the people of Bahrain would never surrender to oppression that they trusted in God and trusted that He would support them in their plight for justice, dignity and equality.

Marzouq violently slammed the regime for its aggravated and systematic repressive policy against its civilians on the basis of sectarian differences and political affiliations.

He further warned that by trying to impose an end to the crisis by forcing a solution on Bahrainis would never hold the test of time as new generations if necessary will ultimately come to rise against the tyrants and oppression, just as relentlessly as waves are coming to crash on shore.


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