900 Bahraini Figures Sign Petition against Israeli Delegation Visit

More than 900 Bahraini figures have so far signed a petition against Zionist participation in Entrepreneurs Congress in Bahrain. The petition was issued by “The National Initiative to Resist Normalization with the Zionist Enemy in Bahrain, April 2019”. The initiative wishes that signatories reach 1000 Bahrainis as numbers are still increasing.

The petition says:

We the undersigned Bahrainis, Arabs and worldwide citizens, confirm our principle stand in support of the basic and legitimate rights of the Palestinian people to liberate their land and to establish their independent and sovereign state, where Jerusalem is the capital.

Emanating of this, we condemn all forms and projects of normalization with the Zionist entity, including invitations and participation of the Zionist entity delegations in events, conferences and visitations of any kind in The Arab countries.

Accordingly, we fully condemn and reject the invitation by the Government of Bahrain and expected participation of the Zionist entity delegation headed by Minister of Economy Mr. Eli Cohn, at the International Conference of Entrepreneurs in Bahrain during 15-18 April 2019, organized by Bahraini “Tamkeen” Fund.

We appeal to all those invited to withdraw and boycott the conference so as to bolster the anti-normalization with the Zionist entity and anti-Zionist culture among our people and humanity worldwide.

The petition was issued by the National Initiative to Resist Normalization with the Zionist Enemy in Bahrain, April 2019.

The petition is still available to sign.

As the wave of anger and condemnation rejecting normalization, and against the visit of the Israeli delegation to Bahrain and its participation in the Entrepreneurship conference increase daily, the Bahraini regime, the organizing party and the participants from Bahrain continue to meet all these calls with deaf ears.


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