Amnesty warns of ‘imminent execution’ of two Bahraini Shiites

Amnesty International pointed to “very troubling signs of imminent execution” of two Bahraini death row inmates, Ahmed Al-Mullali and Ali Hakim Al-Arab, who had their sentences upheld by Manama’s top court this week.

On Thursday, the rights groups said in a Twitter post that the two men were “unjustly convicted in another mass trial (60 defendants) based on ‘confessions’ they report came under torture.”

The widely disputed charges against Al-Mullali, Al-Arab and dozens of the co-defendants stem from a January 2017 prison break.

At the start of 2017, executions resumed in Bahrain for the first time in seven years when three torture victims were killed by firing squad.

Amnesty noted that Al-Mullali and Al-Arab are Shiites “as were the 3 others executed since 2017.”

Since the start of Bahrain’s pro-democracy protests in 2011, Manama has repeatedly been accused of enforcing a practice of systematic discrimination against Bahrain’s Shiite majority in an effort to crush dissent.


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