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Bahraini regime forces shamelessly abuse woman in home raid

bahrain forceA Bahraini woman was attacked by regime forces who raided her house in Aali village, on Wednesday early morning hours. The attack is a moral downfall for these forces who have no deterrent to perpetrate atrocities and violations against citizens in daily practices.

The forces had surrounded the woman in her home, while one person stood over her holding her as he pepper-sprayed her face. The woman was trying to protect her son who was severely beaten in front of her by masked civilian forces who raided the house without presenting any legal warrant. The masked forces broke open the door not giving the women in the house a chance to cover themselves. This kind of behavior is considered seriously provocative in the Bahraini society that does not accept degrading treatment of women under any justification.

The son, who was badly beaten in front of his family, was arrested. His family referred to police stations for information on his whereabouts, but was not given any.

Al Wefaq National Islamic Society said this abuse is one of many in a series of systematic violations that disregard the sanctity citizens’ homes. However, the official party remains silent towards these crimes while the judiciary acquits killers and torturers to reflect the officially adopted impunity for security forces, exacerbating violations to the ugliest limits.

Al Wefaq said that the photos of the incident represent a moral downfall for the regime. Silence towards these ugly practices that are strange to Bahraini morals indicates that the regime uses such practices to retaliate from citizens. These violations were documented in the Bassiouni report issued two years ago, however, they are still practiced by regime forces today, which indicates that the regime has not abandoned its vengeful doctrine in dealing with citizens.


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