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Bahrainis Commemorate Martyrs, Regime Fires Bullets, Toxic Gas

toxiBahrain revolutionBahraini regime forces suppressed tens of demonstrations that flooded streets around the capital of Manama to commemorate the holiday of Bahrain Martyrs, using toxic gas and shotgun bullets.

The protests came at a time when Al-Khalifa regime was celebrating the Seating Festival on the throne, and while the King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, was receiving officials on the occasion.
The pictures obtained by Al-Manar Website showed toxic gases and bullets fired in towns, before chasing demonstrators inside the towns.
Several opposition parties have also called on protesters to go out Monday in preparation for a demonstration in the capital Manama on December 17, to celebrate the Martyrs Day who were killed by the regime in the nineties.

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