Bahrain regime prevents prayer in demolished mosque

protestbahrainBahrain regime forces prevented worshippers from reaching the area of al-Barbaghi mosque to hold a central prayer, on Saturday. The mosque is among 38 demolished by the regime during the state of emergency in 2011. The heavily armed forces put the area under siege and informed worshippers who approached them that they had received orders to ban prayer in the mosque. However, despite the security presence, provocative sectarian slogans were sprayed on the mosque’s toilets.

The prayer was transferred to Ain Rastan mosque, in the same area, also demolished by the regime.

The authorities in Bahrain intend to change the location of the demolished mosque. This has been met with wide anger, however.

“Statements made in the press are not clear on how far the mosque will be moved, the range is between 30 and 100 meters. We see this within the state’s policy to wipe out the features and long history of the Shiite sect in the country”, said Sheikh Mohmood Al Aali, member of the clerics’ council central committee. He added, “The ongoing attacks and vandalisms of mosques is another crime on top of demolishing these mosques and stalling to rebuild them”.

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