Jailed Bahraini Shiite cleric suffering from severe abdominal pains

Jailed Bahraini Shiite cleric and human rights campaigner Sheikh Mohammed Habib al-Miqdad is reportedly suffering from severe abdominal pains.

According to the London-based Bahrain Alyoum, which cited the cleric’s family members, authorities at Bahrain’s Jaw Prison are denying Al-Miqdad access to a specialist.

The only form of treatment the detainee currently receives comes in the form of painkillers from the prison clinic.

Al-Miqdad has been suffering from the same condition for a number of years now.

The cleric was sentenced to life in prison for his role in Bahrain’s popular uprising in 2011.

During his trial that same year, he revealed that he was tortured by Nasser Bin Hamad, the son of the Bahraini King.

In 2013, doctors were allowed to examine Al-Miqdad and confirmed that he had difficulty ingesting food as a result of injuries that he sustained to his abdomen during severe torture.


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