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Al Wefaq demands official response from Al Arabiya over false accusations

alwefaqAl Wefaq National Islamic Society in Bahrain strongly denied the accusations against Al Wefaq and prominent Bahraini national and religious figures mentioned in the coverage of Al Arabiya channel. Al Wefaq stated that Al Arabiya’s accusations are ridiculous, adding, even security officials and the prosecution office have not mentioned such offenses.

“Al Wefaq finds that such strange coverage reflects the dangerous direction Al Arabiya and its correspondent in Bahrain are taking”, Al Wefaq said. It also reminded of the findings of the report of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, as in paragraph 1635, the report states “Al Arabiya used defamatory and derogatory language in naming persons critical of the regime”, in addition to other paragraphs that outlined remarks on the channel’s coverage.

Al Wefaq stressed that the attempts made by Al Arabiya’s correspondent to use Al Wefaq’s name and names of national and religious personalities and powers indicates the existence of planned and studied intentions to tamper the Bahraini society. Al Wefaq is the biggest (political) party in Bahrain and enjoys wide support from the people. It won more than 64% in the last elections of the Council of Representatives.

“Al Wefaq is a national party that adopts the opinion of the majority of the Bahraini people from all factions in a clear and announced vision and seeks to achieve the majority’s demands of democratic transition through peaceful methods of movement”, Al Wefaq added.

Al Wefaq said media outlets must adhere to credibility in their coverage of the events and must give access to different opinions. It also stressed its refusal of any attempt to harm the society’s unity and social fabric by exaggerating security issues and linking them to national parties in Bahrain, describing it as a dangerous project that “plays with fire”. Al Wefaq demanded the channel to explain its position.

“Al Wefaq considers the false accusations a type of incitement of hatred and sectarianism that are rejected by all Bahrainis. This doctrine is motivated by odd and irresponsible groups that benefit from the setback and work against the people’s aspirations for development and democracy”, it stated.

Al Wefaq demanded a formal response from the administration of Al Arabiya channel on what its correspondent -who holds the Iraqi nationality-, has committed and his relation to what is going on.


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