Opposition: the people of Bahrain must be the source of all powers

bahrain333The opposition parties stressed in the final communiqué of the massive rally titled “Yes to democracy… No to tyranny” , which took place today 17th January, 2014 west of the capital Manama, that enabling the people to be the source of all powers is the key to resolve the political crisis in Bahrain.

“We will not stop protesting in the streets, while we are open and reach out to any genuine and realistic breakthroughs to enable the people to reach justice, dignity, equality and to be the source of all powers”, the opposition added, ” the outcomes on the ground are the determiners”.

“We will continue our peaceful prodemocracy movement and we will never compromise on justice, dignity and the legitimate demands of the people of Bahrain”, the opposition parties stressed.

“We will support any serious and practical steps on the way towards achieving democracy and justice in Bahrain”.


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