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Ayatollah Hussaini Boshehri says World-wide hatred is palpable against Israel and U.S

Friday prayer leader of Iranian religious city Qom said world-wide hatred is present against Israel and U.S.

“We should practice piety and we should obey the commandments of Allah (swt),” Ayatollah Syyed Hashim Hussaini Boshari said.

He stressed, “we must strive to get closer to Allah (swt) and we must follow the limits set by Allah (swt) to achieve good fortune.”

Ayatollah Syed Hashim Hussaini Bosharihas said that world-wide hatred is present against Israel and U.S.

He underlined that the leader of Islamic revolution has said many times that U.S. is not trust worthy. He has said that during one year dialogue process U.S. has not shown any relaxation towards financial sanctions on Iran instead U.S. has increased these sanctions.

While talking about the political situation in Iraq, he said that situation is going towards betterment in Iraq. President and Speaker have been elected in Iraq. He said that after solution of political crisis in Iraq situation of law and order will also get better.

He has expressed hope that those who are trying to create turmoil in Iraq will be defeated.

While pointing towards the Israeli crimes in Gaza, he said that Zionists have been defeated in Gaza. He said that such country cannot be found in world where protests are not staged against Israel on regular basis.
He said that news of the resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is on the way. Israeli defeat can be felt against Palestinian resistance.

While talking about the crash of passenger plane in Tehran, he said that complete investigation of this accident should be done and public should be informed about it.


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