Mourning ceremony for martyrdom of Imam Reza in Mashahd

Shia Muslims mourn the eighth Shia imam martyrdom anniversary at the holy Razavi shrine.

Pilgrims from across Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan have flocked to the holy city of Mashhad in the northeastern province of Khorasan Razavi to mark the martyrdom anniversary of the eighth Shia Imam, Imam Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (PBUH) at his mausoleum.

Tuesday, 7th of the Iranian month of Aban 1398 solar Hijri; corresponding to 30th of the Islamic month of Safar 1441 lunar Hijri; and 29 October 2019 of the Christian Gregorian Calendar, is the martyrdom anniversary of the eight infallible Shia Imam, Imam Reza (peace be upon him).

Imam Reza was a descendant of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, and the eighth Shi’ite Imam, after his father Imam Kazim, and before his son Muhammad Al Javad. He lived in a period when Abbasid caliphs were facing numerous difficulties, the most important of which was Shia revolts.

The Caliph Al Mamun sought out a remedy for this problem by appointing Al-Ridha as his successor, through whom he could be involved in worldly affairs. However, according to the Shia view, when Al-Ma’mun saw that the Imam gained even more popularity, he decided to correct his mistake by poisoning him. The Imam was buried at Imam Reza Shrine in a village in Khorasan which afterward gained the name Mashad, meaning the place of martyrdom.


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