IRGC Chief Vows Harsh Response to any Aggression against Iran

IRGC Chief Major General Hossein Salami said on Thursday that even enemies’ minor aggressive acts against Iran’s territorial integrity will be responded by a severe response.

Making the remarks in inauguration ceremony of 1,200 projects in Alborz province, Major General Salami noted that besides the US, Zionist regime, Saudi Arabia and Britain, poverty and deprivation are the enemies of the Iranian nation.

Referring to the developments made in the country under tough sanctions era, he said “construction of new refineries, dams and power plants is going on in Iran.”

Earlier On September 5, Major General Salami said the enemies have so far seen a small part of Iran’s military power.

Describing Iran’s military power as ‘impenetrable’ and ‘undefeatable’, he said “the deterrence power of Islamic Iran is built on the basis of overcoming major enemies,” adding, “with Allah’s help, we will be readier than ever to defend the territorial borders, independence and the territorial integrity of our country through enhancing this [deterrence] power.”

The top IRGC Chief further noted that the enemies have already seen the capabilities of Iran’s military equipment, adding that they will come to realize Iran’s real power on the battlefield.


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