Leader: Successes of Basiji ideology has become a role model for the regional nations.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, has named the Basiji ideology of the overwhelming majority of people of Iran as the reason behind the invincibility of the sacred Islamic system in the face of enemies.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution, in a meeting with the members of the High Assembly of Basij and representatives of Basiji forces, on Thursday, termed the scene of activities of Basij mobilization forces as unlimited and endless.

The Leader stipulated that the scenes of presence of Basij mobilization forces are namely the arenas of defense, development, economy, politics, arts, science, technology, and religious establishments.

Upon the establishment of Basij mobilization force in Iran, this popular organization has played an active role in all of the community’s affairs.

Following the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution; the conspiracies and schemes hatched against the sacred Islamic system surged. Under these conditions, the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, late Imam Khomeini (God bless his soul) ordered the establishment of Basij mobilization force.

Upon the victory of Islamic Revolution and formation of Basij mobilization force in Iran, the hegemonic powers fully supported the former Iraqi Ba’th minority regime, waging a full-scale war against Islamic Iran with the intention of somehow toppling the sacred Islamic system.

Upon the break out of the imposed war, the Islamic Iran youths, who maintained a Basiji ideology, within the framework of popular forces, attended the warfronts, showing unique bravery and courage within the frontlines. The Basiji ideology is deeply rooted in Islamic principles, and a sense of humane and divine responsibility toward oneself, one’s family, community, and mankind.

The Iranian Basiji youths resisted against the former Iraqi Ba’th minority regime’s army throughout the Sacred Defense and did not allow even an iota of the Islamic Iran’s soil to remain within the occupation of the enemy.

The steadfastness of the Iranian nation and sacred Islamic system against the plots of the hegemonic powers in different arenas after the termination of the imposed war and throughout the phase of development, upon reliance on the Basiji ideology, has led to the failure of conspirators.

The Islamic Iran has pioneered the scientific scene upon reliance on its Basiji youths. The young, Basiji scientists, based on their sense of responsibility and Islamic principles, have made resounding accomplishments in the scientific and medical domains, and have turned into a role model, worldwide.
In fact, the successes of Basiji ideology has become a role model for the regional nations.


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