US Policy Based on Insecurity, No Matter Where: Iran’s Shamkhani

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council [SNSC] Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani said the policy followed by the United States across the world is based on fomenting chaos and insecurity no matter where in the world it is present.

Shamkhani said in a Monday meeting with the visiting head of Afghanistan’s High Council for National Reconciliation [HCNR], Abdullah Abdullah, in Tehran that destructive policies pursued by the United States in the West Asia region have had no other result for regional nations but war, destruction and backwardness.

“The basis of US policy is to foment chaos and insecurity, and it makes no differences whether this policy is implemented in Afghanistan or Iraq,” Iran’s security chief added.

Referring to the role played by the US in creating various terrorist groups, including Daesh [the Arabic acronym for terrorist ‘ISIS/ISIL’ group], Shamkhani said: “The only way to remain immune from such dangerous traps set by the United States is mounting resistance and maintaining unity and solidarity.”

He emphasized that the intra-Afghan talks, preservation of the republic system and respect for the rights of ethnic and religious groups as well as compliance with the Constitution are among the “main and very effective” components of lasting stability and security in Afghanistan.

“The US has always sought to undermine the main components of stability in Afghanistan in a bid to maintain [its] presence and prolong insecurity,” the SNSC secretary pointed out.

The Islamic Republic expects Afghan officials not to allow outsiders to implement their malicious goals aimed at sowing discord between Tehran and Kabul, Shamkhani said.

The HCNR chairman, for his part, hailed Iran’s stance on developments in Afghanistan and said the expansion of relations with the friendly Iran is among top priorities of Afghanistan’s foreign policy.

Abdullah added that Iran’s support for the peace process in Afghanistan warms the cockles of both the country’s people and government.

He also stressed that Iran has always played a determining role in establishing stability and peace in the region, particularly in Afghanistan.

Source: Agenceis


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