Millions of Iranian Show Strong Support in Revolution’s Anniversary

Millions of Iranians nationwide, participate in the rallies on February 11th, marking the 36th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran emphasizing support for the Islamic Republic of Iran establishment.

Millions of people carrying flags and banners in support of the Islamic Republic, poured into the streets on Wednesday in nationwide mass rallies to mark the 36th anniversary of the 1979 victory of the Islamic Revolution.
In Tehran, people encircle Azadi (freedom) Square, Tehran’s bigest square and the site of major national rallies.
Moreover pledging allegiance again with Late Imam Khomeini’s Goals, Founder of Islamic Revolution and Imam Khamenei leader of Islamic revolution, people show their massive support to Iran peaceful nuclear activities rights and condemned disrespect to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by cartoons published by the French Weekly Charlie Hebdo.

More than 4,000 Iranian and foreign journalists are covering the Bahman 22 (February 11) rallies.
More than 1,000 cities and over 5,000 villages across Iran saw demonstration for the national celebration.
Meanwhile, high-ranking Iranian officials also attended the rallies along with other people to rejoice at the auspicious ceremony.
The Islamic Revolution victory, seen as the most important milestone in Iran’s recent history, liberated the country from the influence of the hegemonic powers and oust Shah as and established a new political system based upon Islamic values and democracy.
The Iranian nation toppled the West-backed Pahlavi regime 36 years ago, ending 2,500 years of monarchic rule in the country.


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