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Enemy misuses coincidence of Nowruz and Fatimiyah to create sectarianism

Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ahmad Alamolhoda, the Friday prayer leader of Mashhad aimed at commemorating the sorrowful “Days of Fatimiyah” – a period of 20 days where Shi’ite Muslims commemorate the beloved and exalted the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad – saying enemy tries to misuse and abuse the coincidence of Nowruz and Fatimiyah and the peoples’ love of Lady Fatimah as tools to create division and sectarianism among Muslims.

“We must not allow this to occur,” he warned.

Ayatollah Alamolhoda suggested that black flags of mourning should be installed alongside Iranian flags during these sorrowful days and businesses should be closed on the day of Lady Fatimah’s martyrdom, noting that those businesses near the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali ar-Ridha should especially observe the sanctity of the blessed lady’s day of martyrdom. He emphasized that closing one’s business is not mandatory but a courtesy to the lady out of love for her. “These businesses must not be indifferent to the Days of Fatimiyyah,” he stressed.

Ayatollah Alamolhoda stressed that Iran is a country where the people recognize the oppression Lady Fatimah suffered after her dearly loved fathered passed away.

During the 20-day of Fatimiyah, Shi’ites recall her virtues, moral and ethical examples as well as her suffering and taking her as a role model of how to live a perfect life.


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