Supreme Leader Hails Bravery of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces

Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei in a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi on Wednesday called for prudence to maintain political and national solidarity in the country saying massive capacity of volunteer forces can deeply affect its progress in future.

One of the important characteristics of the Iraqi nation which was revealed more than ever before is the bravery, determination and power of volunteer popular and tribal forces in confronting the enemy, he stated.

Resistance of the Iraqi nation and government against terrorists will provide security for regional states, he added.

Ayatollah Khamenei termed presence of terrorists in Iraq as a transitional event and noted, “The massive might of the popular volunteer forces is a reliable resource in various arenas and goes beyond the war theater.”

“Past experience of the people of Iraq about British colonialism and the current one over Americans expansionism show that Iraqi nation’s ill-wishers have never accepted emergence of massive popular forces. Therefore, this popular recourse should be upheld.”

Referring to the efforts to destroy pillars of Iraq’s national and political unity as one of the objectives of Western security and intelligence agencies in Iraq, he added, “It is imperative to stand against such a plot with vigilance and prudence and prevent damage to the unity of Shia, Sunni, Kurd and Arab in Iraq.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran supports solidarity of Iraq’s revolutionary and combatant groups, and it is necessary that the people and officials of Iraq be smart and watchful over foreigners’ act of spreading differences.”

The Supreme Leader said Iran regards Iraq’s security and progress as its own and added, “Americans are after looting Iraq’s wealth as they are doing the same in some regional Arab countries on the one hand, and to impose their will as in the past on the other. However, nobody should allow such an aim to be achieved.”

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed Iran’s all-out support to the legitimate government in Baghdad and said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran will continue its support to the government and people of Iraq.”

Referring to the warm hospitality granted by the people of Iraq to Arabein pilgrims as an outstanding qualification of Iraqi people, he said, “This affectionate spiritual behavior in today’s world is very significant and note-worthy, and the depth of this merit of Iraqi people has not been correctly understood.”

The Iraqi premier hailed Iran’s friendly support as a sign of deep bilateral relations and said, “Iraq enemies have spearheaded all within their might to create ethnic and sectarian disagreement, but the people and government of Iraq are determined to confront the plot.”

He said takfiri terrorist do not distinguish between Shias and Sunnis in Iraq or Syrian, and added, “Resistance of people and government of Iraq has been a strong barrier against expansion of ISIL in the region.”

“However, a serious opposition to the terrorists demands unification of regional states,” the visiting Iraqi prime minister stressed.


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